Whistleblowing System (WBS) is a reporting platform for all BBI stakeholders (BBI Group employees, buyer / customer & supplier) for violation indication within the BBI Group. Whistleblowing System is one of the anti-fraud strategies which is the pillar of fraud detection within the company.

Whistleblowing System Policy:

  1. 1. Whistleblower reporters are all of employees and stakeholders of BBI Group
  2. 2. The Company protects and ensures anonymity of the reporters

Violation Indication Category Reportable Through the Whistleblowing System:

  1. 1. Fraud
    • Gratification
    • Abuse of authority
    • Fraud on financial report

  2. 2. Company Code of Ethics Violations :
    • Use of violence
    • Extortion
    • Drugs abuse
    • Sexual harassment,immoral actions
    • Elimination, concealment of data and corporate documents
    • Destruction of important company records
    • Information leakage to external party

  3. 3. Violation of rules & procedures :
    • Violation of company policies, rules and SOPs
    • Unsafe actions that impact occupational health & safety
    • Unsafe actions that jeopardize company viability
  4. Reporter’s Anonymity

    As a commitment of BBI Group to ensure the confidentiality of reporter’s information from unrelated parties, the management provides:

    1. 1. Protection of reporter’s identity confidentiality
    2. 2. Protection of reported information confidentiality

PT Binabusana Indonesia encourages the participation of all related parties to report indications of violations, by:

: WBS Form (click here)

: wbs@bbi-apparel.com

Reports related to the Board of Directors (BOD) can be directly contacted:

: wbs@triputra-group.com

: 0853-77777-911